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An exceptional location in the heart of nature

In Normandy, a short hour's drive away from Paris, the Relais du Vert Bois is an exceptional and unique lodge built in 1853 as a true refuge in the forest. Over time, it has become a vibrant and exclusive Norman Longhouse. An elegant hideaway; the essence of rustic splendor and luxury amidst total wilderness.

Benefiting from premium installations, nobly sourced from ecological materials, the property is nestled in a private 7 hectare animal park, on the fringe of a huge forest of one hundred year old trees. The Relais du Vert Bois hosts more than 30 animals, of which horses, donkeys, lamas, goats, peacocks, sheep and Canadian geese roam freely.

As it is a site involved in the ethical treatment of animals, its status as an LPO refuge (RSPB) will help you to discover a multitude of birds nestled in the hedges and trees of the property....moments of magic for young and old alike at any time of the day.

Authentic, peaceful and calm are three key words collectively describing the singular atmosphere that you will experience at the Relais du Vert Bois. How better could you blend with nature and appreciate it at its best?

Forest walks will give you the chance to hazard a meeting with deer, does, hogs, squirrels and more than a hundred bird species which have been singled out by the French Forestry Office of Normandy.

The Relais du Vert Bois is a truly exceptional site. Come and see for yourself.....